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Company History

It All Started with a Decision: 2004

DLC Power Diesel Corp. was formed with the idea of providing a complete customized solution for emergency backup systems, from system engineering, design and installation to service and maintenance”

Our company originated as part of DLC Engineering Services Inc an engineering company that specialized in designing emergency backup systems for residential and commercial customers in South Florida. My father and I created DLC Power with the idea of providing additional custom services outside DLC Engineering Services Inc capabilities and scope. This idea was a response to the unmet customer demands at DLC Engineering Services

DLC Power Diesel Corp opened its door as a little engineering shop in the east area of Hialeah, FL.

A Company on the Move: 2005

In July of 2004, the company began to work with DLC Engineering customers in South Florida providing after Engineering Services, Equipment Sales, complete System Installation, Commissioning, and Equipment Maintenance and Repairs. In conjunction with DLC Engineering Services Inc we became the leading company providing customized emergency backup system and services in the area.

New Facility, New Products 2006

In 2006 the company moved to a new 6000 sq. ft. location that included its own manufacturing and assembly line for custom generator sets, enclosures and trailers.. International branded engines and generators were used to assemble custom generator sets to satisfy the most complex custom power solution DLC Power was capable of fulfilling the most demanding residential or commercial generator set solutions.

The demand for custom solutions was growing geometrically in south Florida due to the constant threat of loss of power that was originated by the multitude of tropical storms and Hurricanes in the area.

New Products “Manufactured” 2007

The company started manufacturing key components for generator sets in 2007. These products included custom designed fuel tanks, enclosures and trailers and we continued to assemble our own line of gensets with the shortestl lead time in the South Florida market. New features were added to our custom products that made our products in high demand, based on the unique design and quality. Our standard aluminum powder coated and sound attenuated canopies had a real impact on the industry.

New Services Hard Times 2008-2009

Throughout 2008 to 2009, even more products were added to the company’s offerings. These included industrial engine services and emergency and regularly scheduled repair for nonpower generation equipment. New service trucks were purchased and put to work to be able to cover a larger service area. Custom enclosures for other generator packaging companies were fabricated at our plant as well as generator trailers and fuel tanks.

A new line of ATS and electrical protection systems aluminum cabinets were designed and manufactured to cover the increasing demand of noncorrosive protecting devises for the power generation industry. Despite the slump in the housing market and the national construction crisis in the USA and the world, these new products and services helped the company maintain its profitability and keep the doors opened to comply with its customer needs. Eventually the company downsized the manufacturing facility.

DLC Power Goes International

The company expanded its services to Latin America and the Caribbean. The services included custom equipment sales startup, commissioning, repairs and installations.

A New Company 2011

Based on the prior years’ experience, and the lessons learned during the crises, DLC Power Diesel Corp started the process to move to a more corporate oriented, customer centric business model. With the help of SFTG Associates, a business consultant firm based in Miami FL, DLC started to build a whole new company with the idea of providing more professional and expanded services and products.