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DLC Power manufactures custom sound-attenuated generator enclosures. Whether you need a simple weatherproof enclosure, or a complex custom design enclosure built to your specifications, our trained staff is ready to deliver. We offer an industry leading five (5) year limited warranty on all our custom built enclosures

As a custom fabricator we can supply your enclosure with all necessary holes, cutouts, louvers, shelves, sub panels, windows, couplings, or any other special requirements you may have.

DLC Power generator enclosures are custom-built to ensure a proper fit with the genset and sub-base fuel tank. Our weather protected enclosures can be sound attenuated to suit your application. All manufacturing and assembly is performed in-house using high quality materials. All DLC Power generator enclosures are expertly designed by our staff of qualified manufacturing, electrical and industrial engineers.

We can perform sophisticated installation of radiators, breakers, electrical control rooms and switchgear. We can install internal or external silencers, exhaust systems and after-treatment systems for overall performance to meet your expectations, and can package all sizes and types of gensets and enclosures.

DLC Power generator set enclosures are approved for installation by regulatory agencies around the United States.


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