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Construction of Enclosures

Our generator enclosures are constructed of formed aluminum panels attached to a aluminum structure. The enclosure is rated to a wind load of 120 MPH (150 MPH optional) and 50lbs./sq ft roof load. Rain test equal to 4 inches/hour. The basic structure meets all seismic requirements of Zone 4 or equivalent.

The design and construction is modular in that the panels shall not exceed 24” in width and shall be minimum thickness of 0.90 gauge. Doors do not exceed 36” in width and be a minimum of 0.90 gauge. The roof of the enclosure meet or exceed the minimum gauge requirements specified but, in addition, shall be strengthened in such a manner as to support the largest commercially available exhaust silencer recommended by the engine manufacturer for this application.

All exterior components of the enclosure are assembled utilizing stainless steel hardware.

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